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Foottrax's Geocoin Is On Sale!


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The top coin is the LE Coin.

My coin goes on sale March 14th and everything looks great. COIN HERE

I had 500 made, but I think there is only around 250 left.

I am having 50 LE coins made . They will be solid silver with no black. I'm giving out 20 free LE COINS to the top 20 buyers with the most coins bought. Then I will give 10 free LE Coins to random buyers that I will pick. I will pick them by looking at their profile and caches they did and caches they hid (They wont be cachers I know, and it wont be the cacher with the most ICON).. I am doing this to cut down on people buying just the LE COINS and turning around and selling them on EBAY for more money. I want people to enjoy them and share them.




There will be a password to buy them for 48hours, then it will be lifted. There should be around 200-250 coins left after the 48hours. I'm giving the people in my caching area first dibbs because it should sell out really fast. I won't be doing any trading any time soon, so dont miss out on the sale.

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:rolleyes: I was a little disappointed. I have been waiting a week for the opportunity to get this coin and I actually remembered to go to the site tonight. Then I discover I can't purchase a coin for a couple more days and then only if there are any left and I remember to go to site. I had to come back here and read the entire thread to figure out what was going on and what this 'code' business was all about. Oh well, can only only hope things work out in a couple days. :)
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