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Geoniche Versus Cachenav

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Is anyone using either of these programs? I'm just wondering which one works best "in the field"? I think I'm going to hold off on buying a dedicated GPS unit (if I can) until they improve a bit more. I already have the SiRF III chipset in my bluetooth receiver so why buy a dedicated unit with an inferior antenna. I would like to wait and hopefully the SiRF III will become standard in the hand held units.


Anyhoo...anyone have experience with these programs? I can't even tell when GeoNiche was last updated...looks like the last comments I can find on it are from June of '05. I would prefer to see something more recent.


CacheNav is supposed to work with CacheMate (which I plan to download but haven't worked with it yet). I was going to use GSAK to get information from the computer to the PDA (converting it).

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