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Irish-hunter Coin


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Hello !


I would like to announce herewith the first "Irish-Hunter" geocoin which is expected to be available end of next week. As I believe that each coin should have its own history, I will let you know some short information about my first coin:


The coin consolidates my two major hobbies: My dog, an Irish Terrier and, of course, geocaching. The practical experience shows that it is possible to perfectly combine these two hobbies. On one side of the coin the head of my dog (3D) is displayed as well as the tracking no. (the coin will be traceable on geocaching.com), and on the other side the logo of a German Irish Terrier association whose member I am and from whom I got the authorisation for this project.

This association is aiming at the preservation of the health of the breed, and therefore is supporting corresponding research projects. My support of this organisation is US$ 1,--/per minted coin sold by me as well as some coins of each type as there are some crazy Irish Terrier item collectors.

But now back to what is probably of more interest:



All together 250 coins will be minted: 200 in silver and 50 LE in gold

The size of the coin will be: 36 x 42 mm

The coin will be traceable at geocaching.com with its own icon!


As some coins will be given to the association, and some will be placed in caches, I am going to sell 150 of the silver coins. Some of the silver and approx.

20-30 of the gold ones will be hold for trade.


As I do not like pre-ordering (and a long waiting time), I will open a new

topic with the sales information as soon as I have the coins at hand, hopefully next week.

In this topic you will find a e-mail address for ordering the coins.

Price for one coin will be US$ 8,50 + shipping costs (US$ 3,-- for 1 or two coins).

Hope you will like my coin.

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