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Thanks MissJenn. So I called the local parks department this morning and would you believe I was basically told Thanks, but no thanks. Apparantly our parks department have people that are responsible for keeping the parks clean (they're doing a lousy job!) and they would be happy to rent us a pavillon at the park if we wanted to have our event but there was no need to clean up the park. B)


I'm tempted to rent the pavillon, do the park clean up complete with photos of all trash bags we fill, and then provide a before and after photo album to the parks department director. Never in a million years was I expecting to hear no to my request.

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If I could make a suggestion. Don't just call the parks department phone number and hope they will transfer you to the right person, it won't happen. Write a one page proposal and mail it to the Park Director along with photographs of specific trashy locations. Then call.


Remember your dealing with a beauracracy, you need to talk to the descion maker, not the gate keeper.


On the other hand maybe you just need to find someone more receptive, how about a state park rather than a local park.

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magellan315: Thanks for the suggestion. Several of us have been discussion this issue in our state-wide forum and it turns out the folks in Macon, GA (just north of us here in Warner Robins) are extremely willing to work with us to host a CITO event so we're going to have the event in Macon this year. With luck we'll get lots of positive press and then I'll make an appointment with the local parks director to let him know what could have been. I happen to be friends with a guy on the city council so I'm going to bring the issue up with him as well.

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So I called the local parks department this morning and would you believe I was basically told Thanks, but no thanks.
Holy schnikeys! There's a first for me!


Please do update us on where this eventually goes. I'm curious.

This same thing happened to me at our city park.The super intendant did offer me garbage bags to use elsewhere though.

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If the park has someone designated to clean up trash, then it's cerrtainly possible that by allowing a cleanup event there, they're saying 1) the person who's supposed to be doing the cleanup isn't doing an adequate job, and 2) why pay someone when others are willing to do it for free? I could see how a CITO event could step on someones toes, and this would be extremely frowned upon, especially if the employees of the park are part of a union where duties and job descriptions are extremely protected.


What's best for us or best for the park is not always best for the park employees. And since they're the ones you need clearance from, what's not good for them ain't gonna happen.

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We tried long ago to get groundspeaks help with our event, I guess the list is too long, we never even got a return email. The local litter prevention provided trashbags, keychains, and pickup. The lake supervisor also provided trash bags and rubber gloves, and pickup. We just wanted a couple CITO bags for photos.

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