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Usa Photmaps And Explorist 600

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I thought I saw this question answered on here before but I can not find it. I am trying to download a route that I have saved on my explorist into the USA Photomaps. I have read the help file and still can not figure out what I am doing wrong. I have the cable connected properly, I have NMEA set to V2.1 GSA, and I have tried comm ports 1 -6 before I gave up. Can someone please explain to me how to do this?



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I'm not familiar enough with USA Photomaps to provide a definitive answer, but I think I can get you pointed in the right direction.


1. Turn off NMEA. That's only for transmitting your current position to a GPS-aware program on the PC.


2. Make sure that your track of interest is active.


3. Connect your 600 to the PC in data transfer mode/internal memory.


4. Using Conversion Manager, GPSBabel or something--maybe USA Photomaps can do this directly--transfer the track to the PC.


5. Open or import the file into USA Photomaps. You may need to use GPSBabel to translate the track into a format that USA Photomaps can read.


Hopefully someone with knowledge of USA Photomaps can refine these suggestions--or maybe this is enough to get you going.

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I have used USAPhotomap to download tracks from my Magellan Meridian many times (via the serial port). I'm not where I can look at the settings, but I THINK you need NMEA off, and be sure to match the baud rates. Of course, select the COM port you are using (probably COM1). If you are trying to use USB hook-up, that could be a problem - not familiar enough with Explorist series - sorry.

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In my USAPhotomaps v 2.75, (and I'm using a Garmin Map76CS), to use USB I go to GPS, Protocol, Garmin USB.....and it works fine.


I think if you use NMEA,and select the correct com port you'll also have to use a serial cable instead of USB ???. I may be incorrect but I don't think NMEA will work over a USB connection.


You might also go to jdmcox.com (developer for USAPhotomaps) and see what he says.

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