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Wgs84 Coordinates For Streetmap Etc, Why Are They Wrong?

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If I input the WGS84 coordinates from a cache description directly into Streetmaps, or any other web-based map, why do I get a position some distance from the actual? If I click the link to the mapping page, the coordinates shown are not those printed on the description of the cache even though they are in the right format. Why is this and how can I adjust the co-ordinates to correct them? This is particularly important when the description has the actual ocordinates in the description text and the linkable one is for a carpark etc. I would like to be able to produce a map that gives me an idea where to start from.

I am sure that this has been asked many times, but I couldn't find any previous posts that referred to it.

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That makes sense, thanks.

How do I convert?

The best way is to use the portal at Nearby.org.uk


Instead of having to convert co-ordinate formats, and then type commas and colons for Streetmap to understand, you just copy-'n-paste co-ords from the cache page into Nearby.


It will understand this format, and give you a whole selection of online mapping and other facilities to select from - one of which is Streetmap.co.uk.


Nearby.org.uk is brilliant - we'd be lost without it. (Literally) :laughing:



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A thing I find useful for streetmap is a button on the links bar (in IE), which DomHeKnows created in this post make sure you read further down the page (post #16), where Gary & Jane give the code which lets you highlight the co-ords, and just click the button which opens a streetmap 1:50k with the arrow in the right place.


If you're using Firefox instead of IE (which you should be), there's greasemonkey scripts which will add OS getmapping maps directly to the cache page for you.

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