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Kinzusa Geocoin, Et Al

The Blind Acorn
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Email I sent about the Light House coins on March 7:


Is there any update on the Light House series 2 coins? It will be 9 weeks on Thursday since we paid for them. That is too long.


Response I got:


I'm still waiting for shipment on these myself. I agree, it's too long but short of flying to China and picking them up, there's nothing I can do.


Not a very helpful email at all. Still no idea when they are coming. :lol::laughing:


They better leave us all positive feedback for being so patient and waiting for these coins.

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sorry not trading....that is if i ever get it... of all the ones i asked about yesterday this KINZUA is the only one w/out a response. B)


Keep trying. I know the seller of that coin is having MAJOR personal problems right now.


I have no idea the status of the coin. Would be nice to see what vendor minted it so we could at least get an idea if it was shipped to the purchaser at least. I'm thinking coins and pins handled this coin production. Anyone know?

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I noticed that these are being presented by a group.


The Kinzua Area Geocachers are accepting orders for a new geocoin, trackable on GC.com with it's own icon. The Kinzua Geocachers are a group in Pennsylvania near the NWPA Geocachers. I am a member of both groups and designed the coin with fellow cacher, Mr. Green...of mrgreen/moneypenny. The coin is being offered in 3 different metals. Details are on the order page. Thanks!




Is there no one else in this group with an answer? Who can take over, while the OP of the coin is having issues? Does anyone know how to contact this group? Surely a group should be able to take over when one of the members is down for the count? Where is Mr Green of mrgreen/moneypenny? Has anyone tried emailing this person?

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