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Question About My New 60c, Please?

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I just got it and wanted to load a bunch of caches on the garmin map 60c. Is there a way to delete maps that you don't need? If it is full will it just automatically delete some or register as full and not take any more? And for geocaches, on my legend, I could delete all the waypoints at one time and load a new location bunch but I can find no way to delete more than one at a time. It says the waypoint memory is full. I have read the owners manual but it didn't answer these questions. Thanks for any help and if this is in the wrong forum, sorry, go ahead and move it where it should be.

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To delete all waypoints it's:


Find | Waypoints | Menu | Delete | All Symbols


I don't think you can delete a map, just overwrite one.


But to hide the map, toggle through to the Map page and:


Menu | Setup Map | Menu | Show None

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...Is there a way to delete maps that you don't need? If it is full will it just automatically delete some or register as full and not take any more?...


I'm assuming you mean deleting some of the detailed maps you've downloaded into your GPSR from one of the MapSource products versus the internal base map which is always there. The easiest way I can think of is to download them from your GPSR into MapSource. After you've "received" them from your GPSR into MapSource, click on the MAPS tab and the maps you presently have in your GPSR will show up on the map as pink instead of yellow. De-select the maps you don't want simply by clicking on them (they'll turn back to yellow on the map), and then re-send the ones you do want back to your GPSR. As previously mentioned, any time you send maps to your GPSR from MapSource it erases the ones there and replaces them with the new ones you've identified.


I don't have my 60C with me at the moment, but I recall that somewhere on one of the menu pages it lists exactly which maps are presently loaded. I think you can select any one from the list and delete it while you're "on the run" but it's pretty difficult to tell what map you are deleting just by it's name. If you have 50MB of maps loaded in your unit you'll definitely have trouble telling which is which.


Hope this helps some...

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