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Donate Your Gps For A Tax Write Off...just In Time!

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I would love to do some GPS activities with students but haven't the funds to do so. Want to help out? You can donate any old GPS to our school (check us and me out on the web for verification) and we will send you a donation form so you can use it as a tax write off.


Click My School to check us out. You can find me on the staff directory, Eric Tuck, and shipping would be made to the middle school. Did I leave anything out?


Thanks fo taking the time to check it out!

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Excellent idea. This type of donation can be more rewarding than getting a low price on a sale! Keep up the good work! Help get kids into the outdoors.


Can you tell us more about how you use the GPS in your program?


Shipping to a school address, and getting an acknowlgement letter on school letterhead by an authorized person from the school is standard procedure on gifts like this.



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Most recently I used TB's to act as liason between our school in Oregon and another in Leominster, MA. Rather large TB's...more like mini-caches... on a race across the states. We received the one from MA just this Monday.


Check them out here and here .


I have another teacher who is asking my electives class to hide mini-caches about the campus for her class to locate using GPSr's and compass skills.


Given the opportunity I would love to start and inter-district caching club, but funding is not possible for the neccessary transportation.


In the mean time, I keep begging and looking for new ideas. I am currently looking into using them to map the school grounds :-)

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