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London Geocoin - Phone Box

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This coin was produced by hogwild stuff and Lynn of the UK coin Club. They are currently for sale at:




The price is $8.50 which includes shipping.

There are fewer than 100 left in the shopping cart.


A total of 675 are being minted.

They are being made with an antique copper finish.

They are sequentially numbered and trackable with a unique icon.





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Once these arrive, if anyone wants one to have its picture taken at one of those phone boxes, send it my way... you could mission it to one of my caches. Or to Dr Evermore's where there are at least 3 of them. We were just there Sunday on a cache trip (dropped a geocoin into the cache there) and saw the old phone booths, they have notes as to who provided them to Dr Evermore and when.


note: the cache is in Wisconsin, not in London :)


(edit: site working again, able to post the links)

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These coins are in my hand. I will start packaging tonight and mailing tomorrow. It will take 2 to 3 days to get them all out.


Pictures tonite


And the european coins? I think they are shipped from england. Are they ready for shipping too?


Can't wait to get them... :)

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Riiing!! Riiing!!




Who may I ask is speaking?






Sorry, wrong number. He's in the Blue box 2 blocks over!




Got mine today also! :lol:


Dey er blut-ie beau-e-ful! <---Very bad Cockney accent :ph34r:

(courtesy of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins!) :P


D-man B)

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recieved the coin(two phoneboxes) today. Thanx!

Will there be a unique icon?

There will be a unique phone box icon. One of two things happened. It either didn't get up loaded by Groundspeak yet. . .



I forgot to send it. Eitherway, it was resent today and should be up in the next day or two.




It looks like the icon is already up? At least it has shown up on my trackables list. Tres cool , by the way!

All we need now is a cell phone to complete the "phone" series!

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