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Glasgow Caches

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I've just been told we're going to Glasgow in a couple of months to see the Wiggles :D and obviously I'd like to bag a cache or two while I'm there. Could someone please suggest a few regular sized caches, close to the city centre that we'd be able to do with a group of under fives - don't really want to do micros as they don't have any toys in 'em... :)





Get ready - to wiggle..... :P

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Since no locals have replied to this yet, I will! Although I haven't done a lot of caches out that way, I have done most of them in and around the centre.


I'm afraid that the centre of Glasgow is pretty sparse cache-wise and I think you'll be lucky to find one to suit your needs. "The City of the Dead" is a multi-tour round a fabulous and famous old graveyard but it is a micro. "Shopping and Caching" is right in the centre but is also a multi and a micro. "The dry Subcrawl" is fun for kids - I did it with my six year old - but you have to go round the underground and stop at each of the stations so it takes at least 2-3 hours to complete.


I haven't done "The Dear Green Place" but it's down as a small cache so may have swaps - it's also a multi though.


"The World's Tallest Wind Vane" is another good multi but is a micro too, so has no swaps. However, if you are going to the SECC to see the Wiggles, this cache starts relatively closeby at the Science Centre and there are usually several hands on exhibits in the foyer so the kids might like to play with them plus you also go past a playpark in that one too.


Apart from the above, the other caches are further out from the centre and would require you to drive to them.


Hope you can find something to suit you - I know what's it feels like to go somewhere different and want to do a cache there!


BTW - is Henry the octopus one of the Wiggles?

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The Wiggles!! :huh:


Click on Moote's link for more info if you dare.... :anicute:



Mrs G used to work with a lass from Australia, who bought a Wiggles video for the kids as a gift - if you've got little 'uns get a copy from the library or local video shop - they love them!!!


Went to see them last year in Glasgow (before I'd heard about caching...) and most of the dads were joining in... :wub:

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What about "what the butler hid, GCA98F" - the cache page says it is close to the city centre.


We haven't done caches in the city centre, would rather head into the hills than walk around the town, so afraid can't tell you much about it.





That one is in Pollok Park, not really close to the city centre, but there are buses that would take you there. Glasgow city centre just isn't very cache-friendly. You need to try Edinburgh next time - 100 caches within a 10 mile radius. :anicute:

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There are a number of cashes along the canal just north of Glasgow ( or just off it );


The Forth and Clyde Hide



Also in this area is You Can Do It although that is a micro.


If you are using busses then the same bus would take you up towards Glazert Water & Redhils. Feel free to contact me for details of the busses etc.



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Probably that if you were to meet people dressed like the Wiggles on the street, you might not want to talk to them. Just looking at them makes me question why I've not accepted Jesus Christ into my heart...


Anyway, if you've transport, and enjoy Monty Python and the Holy Grail, then don't miss the cache at Doune Castle, just NW of Stirling. It's where lots of the filming took place, and they'll lend you some coconut halves if you ask :wub:Linky!

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We're going this weekend then we're going to hang around for a few days - anyone else got any suggestions?

The Dear Green Place is great fun, its a smallish cache but there is kid friendly stuff in it plus there are other things to do in the park which kids enjoy. I was there 9 days ago and I know that allieballie has been there since.


The only cache placer around Glasgow that I have any experience of is limpylil and every one of her caches that I've visited has been well constructed, takes you to an interesting place and feeds your mind and chuckle muscles on the way. One you could try is Woodland Wander which is a suburban train ride from the city centre and once you have found it you can claim to have walked the West Highland Way! :(


All that being said Perth, Edinburgh and Dundee have far more city centre caches, and Perth in particular could probably claim to be the GeoCaching capital of the United Kingdom. :mad:

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