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White Jeeps On Ebay


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OK, I gotta know...


Where did you find them? I've run into the same problem about not being able to locate them at WalMart or anywhere else. I tried the website, too-- nothing there. I've hit as many local WallyWorlds as I could, but it's like hunting the elusive Sasquatch.

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The allusive White Jeep


While shopping at Walmat, for what seemed like the tenth time in two days, I made my way over to the toy section, to pick up a few...trinkets. There standing in the Hot Wheels section was a small child holding something tight to her chest. She stood no more than three feet tall, with long blonde hair that hung straight down her back.


Her mother was a few feet away looking at other toys, asking the little girl if she had found a toy yet. The girl simply nodded while hiding her stash from prying eyes. When her mother turned her attention back, she was surprised to see her daughter clutching a small white and black car in her hands.


"Honey? Are you sure you want that? Wouldn't you want something different, like a doll?" she asked.


The child shook her head no, her green eyes sparkling with excitment. "It's a White Jeep Mommy. Just like the one Daddy's been searching for. See!"


Holding the toy jeep up, she showed her new found treasure, but then her eyes narrowed as she drew it back, turning it over and over a few times before she started to frown. Stomping one foot she held her found treasure back up, her lower lip puckering.


"Looky Mommy! Someone went and took the "dadgum" travel'n bug off and left the jeep. Isn't that's just...mean!"


To say the least we were both surprised by the sudden outburst of this young child. Her mother stood there in shock as the child turned and placed the jeep back down.


"I don't want it now," she went on to explain. "Not without the travel'n bug 'tached to it. Can I have a Dora Explore doll instead?"


Well the mother reached down, picked the white jeep up and smiled. "Yes honey, you can have a Dora doll. I'll get this for daddy, okay?"


The dear child looked up, her hands now resting on her hips. " It won't make daddy happy you know. It don't got no travel'n bug on it. Daddy gonna be so dis'pointed," and she took a deep sigh.


We exchanged glances and I simply smiled. "Kids! They say the darnest things, don't they? Keep on caching," and I left them to find the Dora doll.


I did go back, but the jeep was gone. I think that will be as close as I'll ever get to another one. I still wonder if 'daddy' got excited or not by his daughters find, and his wife's gift.


But I'll know next time. If I see a white jeep, Travel'n bug or not, it's mine!


Cache on!

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I've worked the shelves at numerous walmarts. It becomes a whole new cache hunt to turn the corner and see the full box of cars. To then start stacking the various blue, black, etc "others" out. Just a very few times does the single white jeep show itself. There still out there. I've even seen them sitting still in the box on the dash of a car I parked next to. I've found 4-5 of them and someone offered a significant amount for one. I paid for the shipping.

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Caching around Boston I ran across a TB tag for a white Jeep but the Jeep was missing and according to the logs it had been missing almost from the beginning. I drove to a Walmart and looked in the toy section. Wouldn't you know it there was a white Jeep! I hooked the tag on and sent it out as a real Jeep once again. I found 2 or 3 more white Jeeps at different Walmarts but gave them all away.

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