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:laughing: My second ever purchase off ebay for a coin went like this I bid max of £15 the other bidder out bid me over and over, I thought it was a rare-ish coin when I got to £40 I decided to call it a day bearing in mind when bidding on ebay in the last seconds someone else takes over your senses and reasoning, however I took control. I later got an e-mail to tell me that the bidder a newbee only intended on bidding £6.66 :blink: the seller who e-mailed me :D we came to a very reasonable agreement I felt like a desperado trying to get this coin I was willing to pay well over the odds, should I ever meet the seller and it is possible a drink is in order, from me to him. I have to say I don't think however I would buy any thing from someone with no feed back. :unsure:

Does any one remember the Beanie Baby craze I bought hundreds worth not a lot in the end although I have kept all my Bears not the animals I managed to sell them at work (cold and lonely in the loft) Is this the final destination for all the coins I keep buying. :(:(



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The Moun10Bike coin pages say that you are free to keep the coins or move them from cache to cache. Nothing to be embarrassed about, and it shows that Moun10Bike was a generous chap!



Ah yes, you can read that, and I can read that, but if I were selling one? I'd sooner keep my identity quiet - the mob rules in the forums.



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What would this geocoin be worth if for some silly reason geocaching went flat, and every one lost interest?

An unlikely scenario, but I would expect the geocoin to be worth more then, not less. Like it or not, geocoin collecting is a separate and distinct hobby, and won't die off if geocaching does.


I don't know, but I imagine that there are already people who collect geocoins but not caches.



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