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Garmin Gpsmap 60csx Display Skewed


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I was riding my bike Saturday with my Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX in the front pocket of my Anorak and when I took it out of my pocket at one point, the display was all skewed at a 45 degree angle.


When I shut the unit off, it went back to normal and it hasn't done it since, but I'm very concerned.


I wish I had either not reset it so I could have taken a picture, but I wasn't thinking.


Has anyone else had this happen?




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Actually, it was nothing like that.. On every screen I went to every thing - numbers, boxes, letters, icons, etc.. were all stretched and pointing at like a 45 degree angle and some stuff was skewed off the screen, like it was hard to read all the data on the trip computer because some of it was pulled off to the left. dadgum I wish I took a screenshot.

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Hasn't happened again, but I just bought a handlebar mount. I want to take my GPS mountain biking on my handlebars. Hope that doesn't jar the display out of whack, but we'll see. I also hope it doesn't shut off like my Garmin Legend did. I think the battery contacts weren't tight enough to handle the jarring.

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Have also seen this twise on my 60CS. Solved by turning the unit off and on.

I have always the latest firmware.

Likewise; it seems to be a characteristic of some of the abnormal shutdown modes that occur now and then (sometimes the screen just fades out, other times you get the skewed screen). I think I last saw it on my 60CS about two years ago.

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