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Is it typical for one's first nightcache to be in a cemetary? It was neat and creepy and fun! All for a micro too!

I shouldn't complain. Honestly it is a nice cemetary, full of antebellum tombstones and whatnot.



Most cemetaries are closed and off limits at night.

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Any nightcaches on the East Coast of the US?


The Midlands of SC has at least one, Firefly, that we placed.


It was inspired by the excellent but sadly now archived The Vulchers Are Watching.


Nitecachin rocks!


- T of TandS


In central new york night caches are becoming popular. One is GC15YEZ Mirkwood south of syracuse NY it was the first in this area and is located in a state forest. two more quickly followed one is in the cornell plantations (ithaca NY) the other I believe is in bear swamp south of auburn NY. I have only completed mirkwood the coordinates lead to a place to park then flashlights are used to follow a trail to the cache. The end is in keeping with the associated story and a lot of fun. when doing this one take a gps and mark the way back with a couple of waypoints.


In central NY a first to find can still be had during the day but it is not unusual for a cache to be found within an hour of publication. One on the cornell campus in ithaca was published at noon and the ftf was logged on the internet at 12:18

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We have been on a couple of hunts at night.


One was by accident - Treasures of the McCormick. We got lost at sundown without flashlights. The tree cover was so heavy that we hardly ever registered a trail on the GPS and we didn't mark the car. We had a choice of bedding down for the night or walk a mile and a half in the pitch black. We walked, using the backlight on the GPS as a flashlight. Our dog's sense of smell was the real reason we made it back to the parking area. The location of the mishap was a wilderness area in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.


Another somewhat scary night hunt was on purpose. I went solo on this cache because Mrs. L. had to go to work in the morning. I drove forty minutes from home and arrived at an unfamiliar lake shortly after midnight. The cache was hidden in mossy roots in what used to be a swamp. It was one of the creepiest settings I've ever seen in my life. What made it worse was the fact that every time I went into the woods I walked in a circle and ended up back on the roadside about 150 yards from my Jeep. I did this for about an hour and gave up.

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My friends and I started geocaching about a month ago and all we ever do are night caches, even if they are not registered at night caches. It's a lot more challenging and fun to try and find your way around in the dark. It's especially great when the cops come to talk to you. The only time I've ever been really nervous is when we heard gunshots in the distance... I'm sure they weren't intended for us but it was still a good idea to head for the car.


TEAM NIGHTWATCH out lurking in the night


btw, a guy named Kit Fox does some of the best night caches that are actually supposed to be night caches! :anicute:

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I do most of my caches at night; mostly out with my girlfriend. We usually get a few in during the daylight and as the sun goes down we keep saying "ok, one more..." then, "how about another?" And before we know it, it's the middle of the night and we just keep going.

She's terrified of cougars, so she went out and bought a can of bear spray; which is basically an industrial size pepper spray that creates a 30 foot cloud.

This last weekend we went to GCZYKV in the middle of the night. I didn't tell her until after we got it that the hint was "cougar bait." :D We decided to hold off on the rest of that trail until next time.

This was only minutes after we found GC10B2D... night cemetary caching is pretty freaky.

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Night caching, in general, is awesome. Long hikes in the dark are awesome. Especially when you are miles from nowhere. I took my brother and sister on a night run to do 2 long multicaches, Dams of the AuSable East to West and Dams of the AuSable West to East that covered 150 miles...topless Jeep during a fog covered night...AWESOME experience.


Then there are the night caches that truly are for night caching only. They are all awesome. Did one called Starry Starry Night where the cache owner placed about 500 glow in the dark star stickers on all the trees in sight. Instructions were to shine lights all over the place and then turn them off. It was pretty amazing. Another guy had you follow a trail of reflective tags and then look certain directions to find blinky lights placed on more stages of the multi...just far enough away to be visible if you looked HARD enough.


My last girlfriend was too scared to go night caching. Too bad...I had great times without her...still do.

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Being in Southern Nevada, night caching is the most comfortable right now(was 107 degrees today! :) ), plus it is more fun wandering around the Desert at night....kinda creepy, but fun :)


You own my TB AVS (TBN1Q4) since 8/8/2008 and after several mails, no answer ...

I'm a bit surprised of this ...

If anybody know him (Pahrump,NV), please ask or help him to move back that TB in the game.





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We did our first night cache last weekend. My husband, The Wolf Pack, The Lone Wolf and I got together and head into the woods for our first night cache. We first had to find a tree with a noticeable cervice. Do you know how hard that is in a forest. Lol Really. We found it after a while and then had to follow fire tacks on the trees to the cache. We had a blast. But "The Wolf Pack" swore if a bear showed up that she would be the bi-onic women, and would go run us all. LOL We all love night caching.

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we just started last friday(three nights ago) both times we went caching we went at night. the first two were fairly easy. but everything else was hella harder then what i think they are actually. we only did five the first night because we weren't prepared to do this. literally we were at an Ihop and one of our friends gets this app for his iPhone, so we went on it, seriously i think two people had socks on and about 5 of us were wearing shorts. and no flashlights. seriously we used our iPhones. we luckily have three iPhones with us. ok I'm babeling on. but thats the story we weren't prepared, next day we came with jeans, socks, long sleeve, hoodies, flashlights, gloves, and 1 more iPhone with app. and something to leave in the caches.

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