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Category Proposal: Benjamin Franklin Locations

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While checking to see if anyone had already suggested the Franklin Mile Markers category which I proposed earlier today, I stumbled on this Jeremy post. Since it appears that no one else has followed up on this suggestion, and since the category idea sounds really interesting, and since I woefully lack even the slightest hint of originality myself, I'd like to offer to create and manage a category related to places where Benjamin Franklin (the American statesman and inventor) did something noteworthy.


The way I see it, waymarks submitted to this category should be limited to locations where Franklin actually did something, as opposed to places simply named for him or places where his likeness appears (unless he did something noteworthy there). Obviously, submissions would NOT be limited to locations in America, as Franklin spent a fair amount of time in Europe during his life.

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false alarm....it was Edison, not Franklin.....close, but we arent playing horseshoes.

maybe next time.



Aw, ya got my hopes up. I did search a bit to see if I could find what you had found, but didn't come up with anything. So I am disappointed, but not completely surprised.


Maybe somebody should start an Edison category ...

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