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Cool And Extreme Geocaches


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Has anyone nominated any in South Africa yet?


I can think of a couple caches around Table Moutain and region that might qualify. But perhaps the cache owners ought to get the video if their caches make it in.


An image of Crystal Pools with Discombob being chased by a pack of Baboons comes to mind for some reason!!!!

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Aye, pretty extreme and rather dangerous. When my mate Andy and I did that one, he hit his head on the big rubber band on the way down, smashed his glasses and cut his head. Kokoscoot also witnessed an injury to a jumper there. Wrap the camera in lots of foam, and give the camera operator a helmet and body armour!

- XV

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Thanks for the corrected link. We haven't had any specific nominations yet but thanks for the suggestions. I hope that some brave soul will go get some footage!


I have footage going off the bridge (I have done around 18 jumps). Personally I prefer the bridge swing to the bungee, as you have a longer free fall. Also it can be done with a novice in tandem. You get lots of free hugs when the rope tightens and the adrenalin kicks in :P


The problem is that however extreme the jump is, one can do the Gouritz bungee cache by climbing down the side of the incline. This is the way back up for those that jumped...


I am planning this cache for the first week in April with the usual jump included of course :P

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