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The Dangers Of Caching In The Spring

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Well the weathers getting warmer and the grounds getting softer. When out caching should you see a very large boggy, muddy looking patch of earth between you and your goal heres why it may be wiser to take the road less travelled (ie around it!). If, however, like myself you think 'dash it all, Im a cacher, whats a wee bit of mud to me!' do not then whilst attempting to extricate your feet, having sunk up to your shins in mud fall flat onto your face!


Ladies and gennelmen I give you 'caching in the spring'...


Still at least the weathers nice and mild today so I dried out quick, just in time to graze my knee at the next cache and watch my mate Hazzanet fall on his hiney on route to the one after that! :D

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i think officially its spring, its certainly milder thans its been for ages which means its probably as close as the uk gets


that is indeed a mini - its my lean green MINI machine (also known as Norbert) who is often found sulking at the side of the road after ive abandoned him there to find some tupperware up a tree.


he always forgives me though as soon as we hit our first bendy road

or when i get him valetted when the mud gets beyond my ability to control it


one trail today did look like it would be most effective for luge when frozen in the winter and today merely a cacher-embarasser

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i think officially its spring, its certainly milder thans its been for ages which means its probably as close as the uk gets



What Spring??? Pic taken today (Sunday 5th March)This shows the rescue helicopter abandoned in the Cairngorms with a mountaineering group I was with. The snow is about 2 feet deep!!



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This was taken on Saturday 4/3/06 while we were setting a new cache. Caching in the spring certainly has its good points. It has its bad points too, lots of mud and ice around. The dog in the pic is Daisy and she decided to jump on a frozen canal the day after while we we caching. She scared us to death as we thought she was going to go thro the ice!! As we went to rescue her, she just jumped out and back onto the bank again!.... and I thought it was kids that caused your nerves to jangle!!

We have had a couple of falls due to mud etc but nothing serious...thank god. The worst bit about caching in the mud is getting your feet wet!. YUK!! I hate it.

Mud, wind, rain ,sun, snow...what ever the weather, it sure beats sitting inside watching the box!!

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Erm... It's not spring yet! First day of spring is March 20th.



1st day of Spring

Spring Equinox - 20th March

1st day of Summer

Summer Solstice - 21st June (Longest day of year)

1st day of Autumn

Fall Equinox - 23rd September

1st day of Winter

Winter Solstice - 22nd December (Shortest day of year)



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> I went caching in just a short sleeved top and a cardi


:anicute::huh::o;) ;) :):D:):D:mad::huh::o




Yeah - we're hardened cachers up here in the north - we're not shandy suppers from daaaarn Sarrf here!!!


I guess that would explain the 'belt' and bikini top approach to clubbing in newcastle on a friday and saturday night in winter! :o And boy does this post make me sound old... :o:wub:

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Think he's spotting what trousers you are wearing ??? I'd be worried if I were you !!! These Paramo/Nikwax lot are a strange breed. :-o


i did think that might be the case, usually i would have been impressed but in this case the supposition was unfortunately wrong. they are just some lonsdale sports trousers i sometimes wear for caching as they dry quick and cost less than most hiking trousers so im not as bothered if i damage em lol

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