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How Do I Undo A Drop ?


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Go to the TB's page and snag it back from the cache.


That only works if you still have it. If not, you may have to send a reviewer a message and tell them what happened... The other option is to ignore it and let it sort itself out (which will happen eventually)!

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Do you still have the travel bug and/or the 6 digit tracking number from the TB tag? If so, just delete the log and log the bug into the correct cache. If not, try emailing the bug owner for the tracking number and correct it if they send the number to you. If deleting the log doesn't get it back, send all the information about the bug, name, where you left it, GC# of the cache in an email to contact@Groundspeak.com with the explanation. Let us know how it worked out. Post a note on the cache page for future finders, so they don't expect the bug to be there. You can delete that note when things are straightened out.

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