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Map 76cs Vs 12xl

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Maybe Sputnik or ??? can help...


On the 12XL, you could have an "approx" hand entered location for an object and use the GoTo to get there. When you found the actual location of the object, on the screen there was a data window "Dist to Dest" (or something like that) and what you could do is edit that distance to "0" and it would change the coordinates of the "approx" location you were going to , to the actual "present" coordinates. And the editing of the "Dist to Dest" was a simple sideways press on the toggle button.

The process is described on the left hand side of page 20 in the 12XL manual, and it talks about "Reference" waypoints.


On the Map76CS, there is a Dist to Dest data window that you can show on the map window but it won't let you edit that data.

So is what you have to do is "save" a new point and delete the old , or write the coordinates down and edit the old?


Is there a way to do the same thing using the "Change Ref Point" on the 76CS?

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When on the old waypoint page (find/waypoint) press "menu", scroll down (or up one) to "reposition here".

I won't say how long I've had this 76CS (about as long as possible though) and I won't say how many HOURS I've spent trying to figure out how to solve what should have been a simple task.


Thank You!


I guess I just never hit Menu at the right time, because I have NEVER even seen "Reposition Here" .......until tonight!


Thanks again!

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The first responder "Klatch" hit the nail on the head. Map 60 & 76 owners take notice! I don't know if other models have this capability or not..... Obviously, I didn't even know mine had it!


It sure is not covered in the manual and it was/is embarassing considering how long I had tried to come up with a solution. I sent a note to Sputnik 57 to see if he thought it worthy to include in his FAQ website.



When you press "reposition here", it Immediately changes the coordinates "of the waypoint you selected and had displayed when you pressed Menu" ..... to... "the coordinates that are on the GPSr display RAT THEN"...so, for learning purposes, create a bogus point or two to play with.


Thinking about it, I'll bet that that's why the "Reposition Here" selection is NOT on the initial Menu selection page....why you have to intentionally scroll to it.


Finding how to do this is almost like a kid finding a Secret Decoder Ring !

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