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The Outdoor Show

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I'm working down there, all be it on the Convenience Retailing Show.




Park at "The Little Owl" which is the pub next to the hotel:-"Express by Holiday Inn"

and walk in. (10 mins)


The code for the barrier is on the blackboard just inside the door. :huh:


I'll be on the contractors car park but I doubt I'll get chance to get in for a gander.




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Car parking is £7 :D and then there is the admission fee on top of that.


Last time I went to the NEC I found that if you return to your car quite late, the attendents have "gone home" and you can get out for free :D I did have to hang around though for about an hour :huh:


:D There are other places to park quite nearby for free :D

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Has anybody visited the NEC by train of late? It's a good option for us, but it's been years since I went there by rail, and then it wasn't for a major trade show. Does it save any time compared to driving?




Great option:-


The NEC has its own station, Birmingham International is linked directly to The NEC by a covered walkway - you don't even have to go outside.


BTW: The Outdoor Show is only in halls 1-3.


It won't be very busy for the public on Friday and Saturday unlike for us contractors who are building in the other halls for the food shows:-

"Food and Bake", "Meatex" and "Convenience Retailing and Forecourt"


They open on Sunday the 19th in halls 6,7,9,,10,11,12,17,18,19,20,21,22






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Halls 1 , 2 nd 3 ar not that small :P


No Halls 1,2 3 are not small.


My point was that it is not a "Major" show in comparison with say the Spring Fair with nearly 4000 exhibitors.

So public transport and the road network will be fine Friday and Saturday.

Sunday will be a lot busier as a major show/shows (Meatex, Foodex, CRS etc.) all open that day.

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Had a great day out. Came back with enough pens to get me through the next year at work without having to buy any and some various other freebies, some brochures for general reading and also for planning this years holidays and some new t shirts and magazines. Wore my geocaching tshirt proudly displayed all day long but no one seemed to pop up and say hi....unless that was intentional of course B)

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I shall be there on Friday - looking forward to all the freebies and getting a go in the Landies outside again :)


How was the show ?


It wasn't as good as it has been previous years.


There were far less clothing stalls and some of the big names Snow & Rock, Ellis Bingham, Tog, HH and North Face weren't there, although Snow & Rock did have people there handing out catalogues. Although it was over 3 halls, it didn't seem as big as last year. There were a lot more holiday and watersports stalls than usual.


Being a huge Landy fan i was disappointed to see that Ford were there with the Ranger but unlike previous years, Land Rover weren't there outside with the LR Experience off road course that you could go on - always the highlight of the show for me! Plus the Ford chappies weren't too happy to be told we'd much prefer to see Land Rover :mad:


The excellent West Country Pastie people were there with their brilliant VW camper shop but they'd sold out when we got there and then to top it off i the pub was too busy to get to :mad:


A good day out, but bring back the Landies!

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