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GBA Spring Geocoin

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From the makers of the GBA Fault Line coin and more specifically the GBA Microchip coin, comes.....


The GBA (Geocachers of the Bay Area) Spring Coin Club Coin:




Obviously this coin is not for sale (as it's non-gc trackable) but I wanted to announce it here so folks knew what it was when it started showing up on trade lists.



1.5 inch diameter



300 made


Sold to members of the GBA Coin Club only (already done) but available for your trading pleasure in about 3 weeks!


Since there is a trading thread pinned, let's not use this thread for trading requests.


Let's keep this thread to:

- Discussions about the design

- Angst about it being non-trackable

- Griping because they were sold exclusively to members of the GBA

- Speculation about when the first one will hit eBay

- How official the coin is

- Etc :P


Did I get them all?


All kidding aside, I hope you like them and will be trading for them soon.

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Trading sight unseen, eh? You either have faith in the upcoming design or are just really sick! :P


It's a little bit of both :P Hey, at least it's a trade and not buying sight unseen. There may be hope for me yet.


In all seriousness, after the last one, I knew it would be another pretty one.

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It's going to be wildflower season around here very soon (despite the storms we are getting lately) so this is good timing. In case anyone cared, there is a bit of "kealia bias" to the design, as he lives closer to the famous Natural Bridges State Beach (Monarch Butterflies) than many of us GBA members. :ph34r:

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What metal finishes will these be made in?

Will there be an LE verion? If so, how many in the LE are being made?

Who is the coin company handling the minting for you?




- Satin Nickel

- no LE version (unless there's a small 'gift' from the mint)

- Coins and Pins


And for the question above - yes, they are California Poppies.

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