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Uk Geo Chat

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Can't get into geochat on any of the links - tried this one last http://hokesters.co.uk/geochat/. I get this message - Unable to connect : java.net.SocketException : Software caused connection abort: connect


Now.....it used to work fine! But I've just had my laptop 'got at' by our IS department. Now on a new domain and had McAfee firewall updated. Can't edit the settings of the firewall (locked down) but have disabled the service so it doesn't start. Java uptodate and pop up blockers all off. I don't want to install Mirc as its my laptop and its MrsB who uses the chat so its convenient to go in via IE.


Any techsperts out there who can help?




Chris (MrB)

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Okay people, the channel is now password protected.


When you come to join the channel, you may be told you need the correct key. Here is what you need to type:


/j #geocaching cachme




I'm not being asked anything...


Winamp plugin loaded

* Looking up irc.uk.nixhelp.org

* Connecting to uk.nixhelp.org (**.**.***.***) port 6667...

* Connected. Now logging in...

* *** Looking up your hostname...

* *** Checking Ident

* *** Couldn't look up your hostname

* *** No Ident response

* *** Banned No Reason (2007/2/6 20.16)

* Closing Link: ***.***.***.***.*** (*** Banned )

* Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

Cycling to next server in irc.uk.nixhelp.org...

* Disconnected ().

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Should be returning soon :o

Have just found some luuuurvely 85% cocoa to go on MrsB's new chocolate cake on her tea trolly. As for the Robin Hood outfit I was making for Hokes.... :P:P;);)


Thanks god there's a New outfit for Hokes... the Pirate one was getting a little worn with all the friction from the gaffer tape!! :bad::P

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All is well in the great chat room - password restriction has been dropped and all the evil bots eliminated - you may now log-in in the usual way.



Well thats good news Hokes!


I went in through the ruddy cat flap last night. dadgum cat had me by the scruff of the neck. And me with a broken wing 'n all! <_<

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