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Why Call Gps Units "gpsr's"

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This has been brought up in the past.

GPS is Global Positioning System or Global Positioning Satellite depending on who you talk to. The little thing in your hand or on your dashboard is a reciever, thus the term GPSr. You can't use GPS technology without the reciever, unless you're like me and can process the satellite transmissions in your head. The downside is wearing aluminum foil on my head when I don't want to go Geocaching.

Most people I know call it a GPS.

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I guess this is a totally dumb question to the properly initiated, but I am seeing this term "GPSr" used constantly here in the forum. Why isn't a GPS unit simply called a GPS, what's this GPSr thing about anyway? :unsure:

GPS stand for Global Positioning System. Our hand held units are receivers of GPS signals. Thus, GPSr stands for Global Positioning System Receiver.

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