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Off On My Exotic Travels Again!

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Well... Alberts Famine at Albert Dock is a nice Virtual... and if you have tranport up there, then do the Liverpool Beat Series. By far the best I believe (don't know - not done it) is Monopoly by PhilPamandRob.


If you get the chance, come over to Wirral instead - loads of caches in great scenery and only 10 mins drive through the tunnel or 20 mins on the direct train...


If you plan on coming to Wirral, give me a shout if you need a guide!!

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Any 'not to be missed' caches in either city that I should do while I'm there this weekend? Closer to the city centres the better. Ta!


Two in Liverpool


Alberts Famine

The second part maybe 'unavailable' until the end of the month, bit still worth a walk around the docks and Museum.



An eight part multi, my GPSr was all over the place in the built up areas. I've not completed this one yet.

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Leeds City Centre is a bit bare cache wise at the moment, I can only think of one cache and one webcam.

However, if you venture out of the metropolitan areas of the Leeds/Bradford district you'll find plenty of quality caches.

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Liverpool - some good caches just up the coast towards Crosby/Formby - Coastal Copse is worth a visit just to see the strange figures on the beach, and Guiding Beacon is an excellant virtual. As others have said, Albert's Famine is good if you're near the Albert Dock area; but I would describe the Liverpool Beat series as "variable".

Leeds - if you are North of the City, you could do worse than following the Meanwood Valley Trail - ten or a dozen caches in total running out to Golden Acre Park near Adel. We've only done 2 of them - but it's a nice walk with some caching along the way.

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---- and don't forget your passport and a copy of Lerne yerself Scouse for the City of Culture 2008. :P

Otherwise I'd endorse Hazel's comments though I did appreciate milvus milvus describing one of mine as an excellent virtual - pity its predecessor is not still there.

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Thanks for all the help and suggestions - I only had time for one in the end, Coastal Copse, found in the dark during a blizzard. However, it's a Brilliant cache as it meant I was able to drop onto the beach to see Gormley's The Other Place figures. Marvellous!


Cheers again all

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