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Wildlife Muggles Series

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Wildlife muggles series


Geocaching.com trackable with icon.


500 of each design


The first two coins of the four coin series are available to be reserved now.


Payment will be requested 1 week before the coins are ready.

This will allow me to focus on shipping when that time comes.


See and

Reserve Here


Thanks for looking!

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Woo, now that's FAST delivery! Wish more coin sellers followed your example :huh:


I think everyone did follow. But that was in the beginning of collecting money before getting coins made. :anicute: SORRY :wub: I know I was not the first but may have been the second to ask for money first.


All coins will be made first and taking reservations. Payment requested just before coins are due so I can do invoices.


I too wish that all the stores would have the coins ready to ship when selling.

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The coins are in and I'm happy with the way design turned out.


I'm not happy with the small tracking numbers. MY FAULT!

Before shipping I'm checking and writing down each number on the inclosed card. That way you won't have to guess.

This will take some time but I should have the orders done by Monday.


The prefix of the coin is WM.


The next two coins will have a different backside with larger numbers.


You can see & order the coins HERE


Thanks Tom

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