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Caches You Didn't Find

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When my family was visiting this past summer, we went geocaching with their GPS (before I had one) and found 2 caches and didn't find one. I was curious today if anyone else had found that one, but I couldn't find a way to look at caches I didn't find, only the ones I found. Is this feature availabe? And if so, how?

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My logs (last 30 days)

Show all logs for: Caches, Bugs, or Benchmarks


click on the one marked caches, and it should take you to


My Geocaching Logs (All)


242 Results:


Show: Attended, Didn't find it, Enable Listing, Found it, Needs Archived, Owner Maintenance, Temporarily Disable Listing, Will Attend, Write note, All Logs


than click on didn't find it, should show your entire history.

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I got to "My Geocaching Logs (All)", and it says this:


Show: Found it, All Logs


"found it" is the only clickable choice. I still can't find a way to see my DNF.

I think that that means that you never posted a DNF log for the one you didn't find. Your "My Geocaching logs (All)" page should have links for every type of log you've ever posted. Mine shows "Didn't find it, Enable Listing, Found it, Temporarily Disable Listing, Write note, All Logs".



If you're sure you posted a DNF, then is it possible that the cache owner deleted the log? I think if that was the case you wouldn't have a link back to it. Maybe that's what happened here.

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Try this:


Go to one of the caches you found, and halfway down the page, you will see "Find all nearby caches".


Click on that, and it will show you all the caches radiating out, in order of distance. Assuming the cache was near the ones you did find, seeing the title of the cache might jog your memory as to which it was. Good luck!

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