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Expensive Mistake

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I occasionally stock my cache with prints of my landscape photos from time to time. They have to rolled in cardboard tubes to protect them. The tubes are too long to fit the cache box and have to be trimmed with a tenon saw. Doing just that this morning, my wife remarked that there was something in the tube as I reached the halfway point. There was. Her medical degree certificate and the certificate marking her admission to the Royal College of Physicians!

She's not in the least bit bothered, but I had to sit down on the kitchen floor until everything stopped spinning and I could breath again.

Replacement MRCP certificate is around £90. I'm still waiting to hear from Dundee University, but I imagine a price about the same.


Needless to say I gave up on the maintenance visit, but the next finder to pull a print from the cache should be aware that the tube protecting it cost me nearly two hundred quid!

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Thanks for the comments on the photos (and Seganku)


I have seen your site before, nice to see somebody else with loads of pictures of their dog :smile: glad I am not the only one. Jake has so many I had to do him his own page.


I like the idea of putting prints in caches , might have to do some thinking on that. Maybe a slide show DVD :)

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