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Explorer Xl

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Just retired and am starting caching. I'm considering the eXplorer XL mainly for the large screen. I'd like some reviews. Also, what is the scale of Mapsend TOPO 3D, 1:24,000 maybe? Thanks, magicrock.


Check out the GPS and Software forum for lots of great advise on GPS units.






Good idea. I think I will move this over there so the OP can get educated (and some uneducated) opinions.

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I think the eXplorist XL does the best job of replacing paper maps than the other GPS units.

A screen that is 240x160 pixels is a bit too small to really replace paper maps. I would need a paper topo map to complement my Garmin Map60Cx, because of it's small screen.

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I think my XL came with the firmware 1.05, I am hoping that there is an update that will be able to delete geocaches like the update they did for the 500, but how long did that take?


I know nothing about the programing computers but I would think that upgrading the firmware for the XL would be the same as a 600. Copy & Paste? Isn't the XL just a jumbo version of a 600? I guess that is job security tho.


I emailed Magellan asking when they will have a new updated firmware and here is the responce.


we are not given a time when firmware released are available. When there is a change or a reason for a firmware update, it will be released and posted on our website.


Thanks again

tec support

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I won't presume to know what Embra is thinking, but that's about the answer I'd have given.


WIthout looking it up, if you asked me when Explorist 500 started shipping, I'd have said about Feb. I'm pretty sure the update hit the street when I was in FL for the Christmas holiday so I, too, would have answered "about 10 months".


You've got me why Explorist XL runs different firmware than the 500. There may be some tiny difference in the LCD handling, but the bulk of the code is surely the same. Why that's on a different build and test schedule is another of those Marvelous Magellan Mysteries to me...

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I received my XL a couple weeks or so before Christmas.


I pre-ordered from TigerGPS. I spoke with one of their friendly staff on the day the units came in. My unit shipped the same day. 12/9/05, I think.


Anybody receive their unit sooner?


Sounds like, what, mid-September for next firmware update? <_<


- RG

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I have an XL and I like it very much. I have used it in the field a lot and this has been during all times and at night.


-Large screen with color is easier to read in daylight

-Large fonts are incredible and easy to read (I like that as I have bi-focals)

-"bulkyness" is no problem for me as I like the large screen

-You have to remember that with a small unit, and I know there are those who really rave about the "little Units" that it will be smaller map, smaller fonts, smaller, smaller, smaller . . . . I know by experience (I used to use a SporTrak Pro, that if you have issues reading the smallness, then the XL is great.

-Weight is more, but I personally make compensations and so can afford the weight.


:ph34r: SunnyWalker

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Funny that you grabbed an old thread to post to, but I noticed that the last time I posted in this thread, that it was before I got the eXplorist XL, and I bought it mainly because of the large screen, and shows quite a bit of detail on it. The only other way to do this would have been to buy the Map276C but that is a big GPS, to be carrying around while hiking.



There is a slight modification at the bottom of the pict showing an error with the Mapscale, but that is in another thread.Like this ONE.

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I’ve always had Magellan GPS’s so I am use to them. I bought my XL about three weeks ago and I can’t say enough about it. It is by far the best one yet. I use it with MapSend 3D topo. I have big hands and the larger unit fits it just right, I could see if you have smaller hands it may feel a bit big. But for what you get I would deal with the size.

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Thanks for the Info. Just to let you know it is a:


Kodak SD Card

512 MB

There was one just the same but for a bit more. I can't remember how much, maybe $10-25 more. They told me that the more expensive one was for Video cameras and etc. The one I bought cost me $32.09


On the back of the pkg it lists systems and all it is compatible with and then has "Most SD devices". It has pictures on the pkg illustrations of things like cameras, printers, cell telephones, Palm pilot, video camera, etc.


I have not opened it yet and will return it if you think there is a question about it. I work part time a second job at Wal-mart and am using my employee discount there.


Thanks for your time and take care.


-SunnyWalker :lol:

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