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Scooter Bill

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Well...we better keep it open awhile longer because I think This Cache Name would be in the running! :smile:

Dang! Now I'll have to travel all the way across the country to find a cache just to find out the end of the story. Hmmm ... and the downside of that is????


It would be worth it to find some of his other caches as well. He is a fantastic hider! This one is not even his best hide.

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You can lock the thread after I post the next cache name, because it IS the best name EVER!


Boobie Girdlebuns :smile:


I mean, what cache could be bad with the word "boobie" in it? I believe that my real name translated to Loopy Cootiesniffer for that cache. :D


Well...we better keep it open awhile longer because I think This Cache Name would be in the running! :)

I like how the GC# of that cache is GCPARY, which with that addition of one more letter would be gcPARTY

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Drat! Katydid & Miles Stone beat me to it .

Me too. I was just looking to see if anyone had posted it. It keeps getting muggled, and WaldenRun keeps replacing it, because apparently you can't use single words that long any more (it messes up the formatting). It supposedly means "You fish on your side, I fish on my side, nobody fishes in the middle."


Oh! And I DNF'ed the sucker, too. I sat and chatted with a very old and apparently lonesome man on the benches by the lake. I asked him to pronounce the word for me, and he said, "Lake Webster." Smarty pants.

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I had a cache called "Don't Feed Cheese to Man-Eating Port-O-Potties". It was two evil micros in a park and then a final with a view after a bushwack in the woods. People DNFed on the first micro quite a few times and they kept trying to look for a clue in the name of the cache. Truth is, the name was nonsense :smile:

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Think about it. <_<


Yeah, I keep meanin' to hide; "A Tribute to Colonel Angus" :)(linky, linky)


LMAO I thought Rooster Lollipop was the pinnacle. THAT is too much ! Took me a few lines to get it, but now I'm still wiping away tears.


I saw that one when it aired. It's one, if not THE funniest sketch from SNL in the past few years.


I read that to my brother over the phone awhile back when I first considered hiding the cache. We could hardly breathe because we were laughing so hard.

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This one is a little risque, but it still makes me laugh every time I read it! It is at an abandoned rest stop near the town of Athol, Idaho:




LOL Oh MY GOSH....I can't really tell you what this did to me after viewing the cache page....had to change clothes.

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