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Disneyland Orlando

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It might be fun to see the track of where you went all day. That's about it. At the exorbitant prices at WDW these days, you don't want to be wasting your time trying to look for anything in the park!


Nah, you can do most of these right where you are having fun.

(Not a spoiler - In fact on Magic Kingdom you're suppose to post a picture - it's got some 490 photos)



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I work with StoneMaps and would be happy to answer specific questions about these maps. First, let me comment on the previous posts.


It is true that StoneMaps has very detailed maps of the Orlando amusement parks including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Universal's Islands of Adventure, and Sea World. These maps include much more detail than any other source because they were created by actually visiting the park and surveying the data. The attractions are all marked at the either the entrance point or the location where FastPasses are available. They also include the location of the restrooms - far more than can be found on the printed park maps. The maps are compatible with Mapsource viewing software, so you can see where you are during the day and then relive your day by viewing your tracks on your computer.


The philosophy of StoneMaps is that they want everyone with a GPS to be able to use their maps, so they price them accordingly. For example, the Walt Disney World "Park Hopper" maps (Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios, and the roads in and around these parks) all together are priced at only $14.95. Anyone that has visited WDW will recognize that this is an immense amount of data. Hopefully, this price is low enough to save people the hassle of trying to create their own maps.





To clarify, the StoneMaps GPS maps are more than a collection of waypoints. They are full featured base maps which means that as you visit the park, your tracks and waypoints are recorded separately from the map. You can make tracks and waypoint to your hearts content and you won't mess up the map. Geocachers will especially appreciate this since they can upload waypoints before their visit and they don't get mixed up with any of the map data.


At this time, StoneMaps only supports Garmin GPS units, but if enough people suggest other units, I know they will try to find a way to convert the data. Every GPS solution has a unique format for their maps which makes it difficult to support multiple brands of units. You can offer suggestions for support of other GPS brands, or even request a map be created for your favorite recreation area at:




If you are new to bringing your GPS to an amusement park, you may want to read the Case Study of using GPS at Disneyland:




There are also GPS maps available for Disneyland and California Adventure if you happen to be visiting on the west coast. If you like to ski, check out the Utah ski resort GPS maps.


I know that some people like to play with waypoints, formats, and such and I say more power to them. However, we hope that we are able to offer a simple solution to those that want to make the most of their time and just focus on the fun after spending tons of money on a WDW vacation.


If you have further questions, please feel free to either post a reply or contact me directly through my Profile.

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Interesting. I'd like a ruling on this from gc.com.


And while I'm waiting for that do you honestly think people need to pay $15 dollar to find a bathroom in DisneyWorld? Or anything else at that location?


Go away.


Report made.

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do you honestly think people need to pay $15 dollar to find a bathroom in DisneyWorld? Or anything else at that location?




I totally respect your opinion. In fact, I am sure that there are a number of people like yourself that won’t see any value in these maps. However, there are a significant number of people that feel differently and want GPS info for these parks as evidenced by postings in this and other groups.


As to the appropriateness of the post, I didn’t initiate this thread. I responded to others that specifically mentioned StoneMaps in order to clarify previous posts and to provide additional, relevant information. The remarks were on topic, and I also stated right up front my affiliation with the company so that readers will be aware of any potential bias.


I know that different people have different views. That is what makes this world great – everyone is different.


No hard feelings.

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ok, just my opinion on this...


Mr. Hammerhead - I appreciate the info you have provided. You have structured the info in a way that does indeed respond to the OP's question and does not blatantly serve to promote and sell your products. I was intrigued by your products/solution and hope that maps for many other poi's around the world become available for my garmin gps in future.

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Well, it's certainly up to Groundspeak to control but I don't care to be followed around by advertisers who post how their product can serve my needs.


Are we going to see this "service" posted everytime someone mentions Disney World?


Are we going to have say, Magellan marketers, stumping thier receivers to a newbie asking for advice?


Or should this be geocachers talking geocaching?


My two cents.

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I agree with Vlad. The guy was just responding to a query about his product - he did not start the thread. It's certainly no different from Clyde responding to questions about GSAK, or the guy promoting his "make your own maps" book!


If I was going to go to Disney World, I think spending the equivalent of the price of a beer and hot dog there for the GPS maps would actually be a pretty good bargain! I hate having to pull out the paper maps, unfold them, look for the legend to see how a bathroom is marked and then look for that on the map. If I could just search for "bath" on my GPSr (which I'd be carrying around with me anyway), I think that'd be very convenient. Maybe I could search on "pizza" after I finished relieving myself and get a bite to eat - and then search on "space" to get to the "Space Mountain" ride after that!


Heck - I ain't even going to Disney World anytime soon, but probably will in the next 5 years or so. I might consider buying the maps now in case they're not available when I will want them... :ph34r:

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I wish I could go with you! My wife and I enjoy Walt Disney World immensely. We have even done some caching there. Anyway, I don't know about maps but that seems to have been covered earlier. If you are a first time WDW visitor, and even if you are not, I suggest you spend some time checking out The DIS. It is an excellent source for information about WDW. Everything you need to know about it is there. I highly recommend you read up on WDW before going.

By the way, are you staying on property? We have stayed at both Port Orleans Riverside and the French Quarter; Coronado Springs; and, Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you are staying at any of these and have questions, or if you have any WDW questions in general, feel free to email me and I will try to answer them. Have a fun trip!


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