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Garmin 60cx Update Now Available

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For those who were wondering . . . 2.5 to 2.6:

Improve compatibility with nRoute PC application.

Add compass hold level indicator.

Improve elevation level display to show maximum values.

Increase loadable maps to 2025.

Improve anchor drag alarm tone so that it stays on until the user clears it with the appropriate key press.

Improve stability of unit when user has selected a customized color scheme and is viewing tide station information.

Improve the autozoom feature when viewing an active autoroute on the Map page. When momentarily going to the Turn Preview page and then returning to the Map page, the autozoom distance is maintained instead of defaulting to the manual zoom distance.

Improve review of address and intersection on Map page to have full text instead of just first street.

Enhance visibility of paths in map Topo Great Britain v2.

Maybe not perfect yet, but it sounds like Garmin has be listening!

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Ok so why in the link to the CX model does it have an update adding

"Add compass hold level indicator. " :P

Isn't that a function for the CSX? You don't need to hold the CX level since the compass works only as you move and is based on the satilites not the earths magnetic field.

Probably because they use the same firmware.

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I just updated and I notice that the compass function page now have the "Hold Level" indicator if you don't hold the GPS level. Did that use to be there? Anyway, I like that a lot because now I know if I'm holding the GPS right....

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