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Best Writing Utensil For Cache

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Them Astronaut Pens are pretty nice..but a tad pricey.


Some time ago there was a discussion about Uni-ball Power Tank Ballpont Pens. They seem to be a good caching pen.

Multi-performance ballpoint pen writes smoothly on wet surfaces, in extreme cold and even upside down! Rubber grip with hexagonal design provides superior writing control. Semi-translucent barrel for monitoring ink supply. Refillable.



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When I place a cache I usually put in two golf pencils sharpened at both ends and a pen. I figure that if the pen doesn't work and the pencils are blunt, anyone can sharpen the pencil with a pocket knife, a rock or even their finger nail if necessary.


I never include a pencil sharpener, but when I go back for maint visits I often find that someone else has included one for me.

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Up here in the north country, good quality graphite pencils work the best. I place two short pencils (full pencil cut in half) and a pencil sharpener in my caches. Many of the dollar store pencils have such poor quality graphite in them that they cannot be sharpened properly. More often than not, the mechanical pencils need the skills of a mechanic to fix after a while. Full size pencils tend to poke holes in ziplocks and also create problems when trying to re-stuff a cache container. Pens tend to freeze in the winter. It’s also been my experience that should a cachelog become wet, you can still read the entries that were written in pencil but the ones in ink often bleed to the point of being unreadable.

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...anyone can sharpen the pencil with a...rock or even their finger nail if necessary.


:P Or you can sign the log in blood when you fail! :P


A pencil in the cache is the best bet, but someone who caches without their own utensil is just a dummy and deserves a DNF if they can't find a way to sign the logbook.


Brian, you can also use those stubby, broken pencils, spindling them with your index fingers against a piece of bark, to make a signal fire and send smoke signals to the cache owner to ask for permission to log the cache without signing. :P:P

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