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Avalanche Coin

Bailey Nippon 4

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Yes, it was a Canadian event held this past weekend. Coins were only available to attendees.


How in the world do you keep up with all of this?!?! :smile:


You Absolut-ly amaze me. :smile:


It helps when you are connected to the right places and the right people...... :wub::wub:


Why yes. Yes it does :lol:


That's an adorable design by the way. Kudos to AV on the "Dezine" work!

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This Coin is make to finance the Event AVALANCHE 2006 Première Édition (GCRZA3) and the Géocaching Québec Association


it's the Biggest Quebec Event!


All Avalanche coins (standard) were sold in Quebec. they are sold-out


all is in french on this geocoin, it is rare to see that!



Avalanche 2006 Geocoin (Standard Edition) Black Nickel minted: 100



Avalanche 2006 Geocoin (Volunteers "Bénévole") Silver Antique minted: 20



Avalanche 2006 Geocoin (Organizers - Organisateurs) Satin Gold , minted: 7



Avalanche 2006 Geocoin (XLE) Antique Bronze, minted: 2, one for a auction, good luck!


Beautiful coins! very good job made by AV Dezign!


unfortunately, it will be very hard to find

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Real nice coin design. Are all the coins missing the the red on the persons left arm?


Yes they are! Well, actually I saw one (mistake? :unsure:) that the arm was red, the're hasn't been any other mentions so far. When we got the first example they where mistakes in the words and the French accents they had been removed, we concentrated so hard to make sure no more mistakes would occur in the wording that we didn't chek the actual coloring, I only saw it when we got the coins and we had approved them so it was too late. :unsure:


We'll know better next time....

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