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"cameras Capture Cute Cachin' Children"


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Here is my gang the one and only time we've been out together. One of the boys was home sick with a fever.


My grandson is in the stroller holding a matchbox car we got from the cache. His mom (my daughter) is the one squatting, his dad is the guy in the black t-shirt they were visiting us from Germany. My other daughter is in the blue shirt and her boy friend is pushing the stroller. My son is in the gray shirt, his twin brother was sick that day with a fever and stayed home. My husband is the older guy.


This picture was taken on the trail near Crystal Cache in Berks county, PA. We were visiting my sister and we took our family to Crystal Cave and did the cache. You can see how entusiastic they all were I believe I called this picture 'Forced Road March'. They will put up with caching as long as we don;t make them go too many times. :smile:

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*1NATUREGIRLS. ("Come Back Next Spring" Cache)





Thx NFA, I love this thread! I must say that we REALLY do have some cutie pies in our caching community! Our caching kids grow up too quickly~dont blink or they'll be grown up & caching on their own <_<

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I love to take my nephews out geocaching. They are still a bit young to understand the whole hi-tech scavenger hunt thing, so when we go out we just refer to it as treasure hunting. This photo was taken near the “Rock's Box” cache (GCQFM9). Always trying to make things a bit of an adventure instead of just a hike in the woods, the boys named this creek the “River of Death”, which had some reality considering the walk over the snow and ice covered footbridge with two energetic boys. I get a kick out of the dinosaur hat...


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