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Topofusion Trail Networks


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I've been using my GPSr to collect tracks from bike rides for about a year now, and for MTB rides, I've been trying to roughly map out the parks I ride in and put those tracks back onto the GPSr for reference on future rides. I've just downloaded and tested out the make trail network feature of TopoFusion, and it's definitely neat - a nice way to average and smooth out tracks and combine them into a coherent network. I still have to play around with the various settings and optimize for some of the parks I ride in, and if I just wanted to make paper maps, the full registered version I think would probably do everything I want. However, the problem comes in wanting to send tracks back to the GPSr. Topofusion basically splits everything up into individual trail segments, which would allow the most flexibility in putting things together, but it means that for one park I tried, I have something like 80 tracks for the one park, which won't fit on the GPSr. I'd like to put this together into a small number of tracks(pref. 1) to upload to the GPSr, but in some kind of semi-automated way. I'm looking for two things - any ideas on algorithms to do this, and any ideas on tools that might help with some of this. For example, I know GPSbabel can put tracks together, but I have to put these segments together in some sort of structured order so I don't get random interconnecting lines all over the place. Any ideas/discussion welcome.



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I use Topofusion for my track management and creating trail networks.... I usually will do a "Merge All Tracks" when I download the tracks from the GPS which creates one track. Then use the sissors to cut them into the section size I like for downloading back to my GPS...


Here are some GPX trks I have done on my home page, that I have started to collect...



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