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Motorway Mayhem

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Having used the excellent geocachers tube map around London before, I couldn't help thinking when I stumbled upon this that it would be excellent to have an adapted version showing all the Motorway Mayhem caches, maybe with links to the cache pages.


Saw this map yesterday whilst contemplating the M1 caches. Tried printing it out so i knew where i was but it was rubbish. No resolution!

Great idea to adapt it though, as you say like the London Underground caches.

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The one on the M54 near Shifnal isn't a quick one as you have to find two separate loggable micro's in Telford and then get some clues from 2 separate locations elsewhere before getting the co-ordinates to the final cache.


Took us about 3 hours to complete, so not a cache and dash.


It's a great cache though and highly recommended.


Misread the post last night, my map includes the mayhem and madness caches


Motorway Mayhem / Madness Map

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So what's the difference between a madness and a mayhem cache?



Motorway Mayhem Caches can be placed by anyone and everyone


Motorway Madness is a series of Caches with a Bonus Cache at the end. This is Mattwaggies series and predates Motorway Mayhem; saying that they are all caches and all logable.

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