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I am expecting the proof of this coin by the 28th. After that, it will be approximately 10 days until the coin goes on sale at thegeocoinstore.com. Price is $7.00 + their S&H charges (I think currently about $3.00 but I'm not 100% sure).


400 silvers will be sold in the store

100 gold will be traded sold by me


Most of the gold are already spoken for, only a few left. If you are interested, please EMAIL ME with your name, address quantity wanted and if you want to trade or purchase. If you want to trade, please let me know what coin you have for trade.


email me at geocaching[at]allallens{dot}com. If you respond to this message, I may not get it in time as I will get the emails much quicker.




This coin will be numbered as well as trackable on geocaching.com

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Thank you all for your response. At this time I am stopping all trades and sales of the gold coin. I want to make sure in the case of loss in the mail I still have a replacement to send.


On another note, if you want to purchase a silver coin, email me and let me know. I will then add you to my spreadsheet to be notified when I know the exact date and time of the sale. I can not promise that you will get a silver, but there are 400 being minted, so it should not be a problem I wouldn't think.


I may end up with a few silver at the end of the sale as well, and if I do, I will let you all know what I have left.


Thanks again.

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It's official! The sale date has been set!


They will go on sale Apr 06, 2006

at 9:30 pm Eastern (GMT -5) at The Geocoin Store www.geocoinstore.com.

There will be a second sale at 4/7/2006 12:30:00 PM Eastern (GMT-5)


I should receive the gold coins a few days after the sale starts, so expect to

see your coin(s), if we made a trade, I should hope before the 20th of April.


Thank you all for your patience!


Link to the coin


Trackable and numbered.


Cost is $7.00 per coin, they charge 3.13 (as of right now) for S&H for up to 10 coins.

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