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Best Oslo Caches?

team tinker

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Apparently Oslo is the most expensive city in the world - make sure you take plenty of Kroner.... :P


Yes I was there 4 years ago - £89 for a round of 8 beers. I had to get the flexible friend out for that one!


In Bergen we found Pepes Pizza offered daily 'all you can eat' for a few pounds, and for the three days I was there although I was thoroughly sick of pizza by the time I left!


Mark :)

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Hi, sorry for coming so late to the party. Oslo has about 700 cahes in a radius of 50 km, with a huge variety in styles and difficulties. In the tourist-friendly area of Oslo city center there are almost exclusively micro or small containers. Here are my favourites in the city center, in no particular order.


GCKC2C Between Beers Book Crossing

GCH7FB Ibsenringen

GVM85D UiO Basic

GCH7FA A Dolls House (currently unavailable)

GCMVJ2 Requiescat In Pace (In a famous cemetery)

GCKVZ4 Small Brown Horse

GC7ED7 1538 Moss #Money Exchange (Norways most visited cache)

GCMAQK Hanging from the gates

GCM78P Akerselva Exit

GCH4AH Sightseeing Oslo

GCQRKT Berthas minde ( my own cache )


If micros are not your thing you will have to venture outside the city centre. If there is interest, I can compile a list of good caches that will require some traveling ( subway/bus or train).

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