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Manhole Cover To Geocoin


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I've got a line on a manhole cover, and was thinking about stamping it with a set of TB numbers to make it into a huge geocoin...this particular manhole cover geocoin weighs about 200 pounds...would you move it from cache to cache?



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Size alone would be a major issue. It weighing 200 lbs would be the killer here. I mean, I can think of only a couple caches it could fit in due to size. Although I couldn't get it to any due to weight.


It'd probably have to be next to (near to) most geocaches due to its size...it would probably require a team of cachers, and/or a sled or wagon to move it...I would think that long-distance hikes would be out of the question for most caching teams when recovering or placing this geocoin.


ps - anyone have a spare PC-geocoin code number to sell...that would probably be better than a TB number.



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I'm with ya, and I'd say some people might try moving it. I might would even try just due to the oddness of the whole thing. Although we couldn't carry it, and I wouldn't be able to take a sled or anything like that to most caches. I'm not saying it wouldn't move, but I wouldn't plan on much movement.


If anything it might be neat to setup your own cache, and incorporate the cover "geocoin" into that. Just make it a permanent TB at this particular cache.

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Do it, then we can see if Crashco will take it to the top of Spruce Mountain. :-)

LOL. Just what I was thinking. I have one of Flask's DVDs with the video of that giant frog statue (Cache Signal Improvinator was the name, I think) being moved from cache to cache and that was the first thing I thought of when I read about the manhole cover. You should definatly do it! And Jamie, if you still need a PC tracking code shoot me an email. Actually I'll just email you. I'll give you one for free.

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Ginormous Geocoin and Brobdingnagian Geocoin both grew out of this thread and the generosity of geocachers.


My thanks to Vargseld and Prairepartners for their kindness in sending me coin codes for these HUGE Geocoins.


There will be 2 of the geocoins instead of one for a number of reasons:

  • the big one I had originally been planning on had to be picked up down in NJ (and I live way up in upstate NY), and found a source much more convenient to me
  • These 2 manhole covers geocoins are round, where the other one was square
  • These ones only weigh in at around 60+ pounds apiece, making them a bit more accessible to a broader range of geocachers than the 200 pound one originally planned

I plan to launch them both on April 4, 2006, my 2 year geocaching anniversary...both will start out in a cache up here in the ADKs, but one will shortly thereafter travel with me out west for release in one of the caches I'll be visiting in Nevada and Arizona during my trip to Las Vegas (picture me and homeland security in the airport...).


I'm thinking about painting the geocoins with rustoleum to clean them up a bit, and improve their longevity in the wild.


Thanks for the input, help, and codes everyone!!!



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