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Puzzle Cache Coin Set....


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Inquiring minds wanna know, did they ship, did they ship??? :)


Just wanted to update and let everyone know that the shipping date for the coins is aprox. the 25th of April. The mint is actually going through all the coins making sure they all fit together like they are supposed to.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.


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Yes we are actually putting together the shipping part of the stuff and yes the coins are on the way to us at this moment so it won't be but a couple of days. Please remember that we are dealing with around 2000 coins so it might just take us a few days to get everything underway as far as shipping the coins out.

As far as folks that are wanting sets now, as was stated a while back, the preorders were closed way back when but after all the coins have been shipped and IF there are sets that don't get paid for (already a couple that haven't been paid as of now) I will offer them up on a first come first served basis to the waiting list which I have already started.

These coins might have taken a little longer to mint than we expected but we have the samples and they will be well worth the wait!


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Big thumbs up to Billy and better half for the coin work and keeping updates posted. Like most I don't normally look forward to the mail truck showing up but now with the chance that there might be coins I'll be like one of the kids waiting on the ice cream truck to come around. Thanks.

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We pulled a all nighter on packing coins up and All the Puzzle Coin sets that were sold have been shipped as of noon today. We did however decide to use a coin retrival service with the Puzzle Coin to make sure to get them out to everyone as quick as possible but a sticker has been placed on each set of coins to where you get the activation code. The Icons for the coins are not yet up and running but they have been sent in and should be up very soon according to Groundspeak.

Start watching your mailbox for the coins will be there soon! :lol:

Thanks again, now it's time to finish my nap! :lol::)


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Got mine too. I can even rearrange mine to be mixed up. :}

Any word on getting the icons linked to the coins?


First of all, We are glad everyone like the coins. Thanks for all the good comments!

As far as the icons, they were sent in twice so far and the last word I had from Groundspeak was on Friday and I was told they would be up very soon.

Thanks again!

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So, I got mine today. :unsure: It sounds like everybody is pretty happy with them. Is anybody else having problems with one or maybe two of them not fitting together properly?


The Set I actually kept for myself were a little tight but after a little working the pieces they seemed to loosen up and fit together perfect. Of course, I didn't want them too loose anyway.

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So, I got mine today. :unsure: It sounds like everybody is pretty happy with them. Is anybody else having problems with one or maybe two of them not fitting together properly?


Two pieces fit together great from either direction. I have one piece that can only be fit in from one direction, not the other, and my other piece just doesn't fit correctly. I can't get the set to lie flat as a result. ;)


edit: I'll take them tonight to a coin non-event and see if some of the other people can show me that I'm doing it wrong.

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Got my set of puzzle coins today !!! Yes, the bottom two do not fit together perfectly, rather tight. But I can probably work it out just by playing with them for a while. They won't be stored together anyway, each will take up its own spot in one of the plastic pages in my notebook. By the way, NICE JOB BBB !!!

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Just a public note (I already sent you an e-mail) that our two sets came yesterday, and we are *very* pleased with the results. These are really well-done coins, with a nice heft to them, and excellent workmanship all around. Gonna be hard to break up the one set that we'll be passing around in caches B) But we're looking forward to the neat comments that we expect these to get when people find them. Thanks for your efforts in getting the designs done and approved and all, and especially for getting them in the mail as quickly as you did. Can't wait to see what you come up with next :ph34r:

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Would love to be put on your waiting list for an extra puzzle coin set if one comes available!!


To get your name on the waiting list you need to send a email to puzzlecoins@gmail.com with all your information (Name, Shipping address, and paypal email address) and I will add you to the list.


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Just a heads up for those following this thread...........

We have a sample set of Antique Copper Puzzle coins which look GREAT! The antique finish makes the relief on the back of the coins stand out nicely.

We are thinking about having a VERY limited run of these coins done IF there is enough interest in it.

If you might be interested, let us know.


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