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The Bikedog Coins Have Arrived!


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I got a couple of boxes of coins in today! They came out wonderful.


True to form, Coins&Pins did a fabulous job, and included a little something extra. They threw in 5 coins finished in antique brass with "Jerry" in place of tracking numbers! We will be auctioning 1 of these special coins off soon. In addition, the pictures below will show the antique silver finish, of which there were only 10 made, and the standard copper finish, of which there are 990.


We will be doing a team pacakaging job for all orders at our event this weekend. Attendees can pick up their coins there. For now, here are the pictures!





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My batch arrived today. They turned out really nice. Kudos to cornerstone4 and coins and pins!


I'll be setting all of mine free so that Bikedog's memory lives on in caches around the world, hopefully a lot of others do the same.


I hope the family is doing well. Pass on our condolences from everyone at the GBA.

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I don't know if I provided this info before or not.


Activation codes can be retrieved at www.geocoinclub.com.


The coins won't actually start being mailed until Monday.


The GBA club was an exception. When I opened the two boxes of coins, the inner boxes were packed with 105 coins in each box. The GBA order was for 105 coins. So, that was a no-brainer for me... :P

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WOW !!!!!!!. Cool coins alright. Too bad it is for such a sad circumstance. I can hardly wait to get mine. It should also be a reminder how precious life is and we should be kind to all those we know because they can be gone tomorrow or for that matter so could you or I. Funny thing, I got my coin about 2 hours after posting to this thread. Thanks Dave

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I got my coin today and it is gorgeous! I am very pleased to have one and hope the sale of these coins helps out a grieving family. I have on problem, though. I Googled 'coin activation' and went to a site that said I could get the activation code but when I typed in my code, it said it was invalid. Any suggestions? This is the first coin I have gotten from the source so have only activated coins that already had a tracking number and activation code. What am I doing wrong? :P

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Are there still any of these available for purchase? If so, what is the chance of picking one up at the campout htis weekend?


The chances are excellent...if you don't mind getting a little wet. :laughing:


John&Jess, and PassingWind will both be there, and one or both will have coins with them for sale!

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First, I want to thank all of you for supporting this project. It has drug on a LOT longer than I anticipated, and we hit our share of snags...but the bottom line is all of your contributions are a real blessing to the family.


One of the problems that has cropped up is shipping charges. When I set up a PayPal invoice for the Temecula coins, I set a shipping schedule for those coins. For some reason, once I did that, everyone that is paying for the bikedog coins through the cointracking site have had shipping charges added! This was not supposed to happen. Shipping charges for the bikedog coins were included in the $10 charge.


Now, I have to go back and refund shipping charges to everyone that was overcharged. Not a problem, just time consuming. For this reason, I am stopping the link on the other site. If you still wish to purchase some of these coins, please email me through my profile, and I will invoice you. Still a lot of work, but it's all I can do at this point.


One other thing we have noticed is there are a lot of cachers willing to help that don't visit these forums. We have had a lot of success selling coins at events.


At this point, we still have around 300 coins left. Since all of the production fees have been paid, this is basically $3000 worth of coins that will go fully to the fund.


So, here is my next plea for help. I have had a couple of offers from kind souls to take coins to their events to sell. If you are willing to do this, let me know. I will pick up shipping charges, and to make things easier, I will give you the info for the trust fund. Then, you can just send the money directly to the fund.


I don't want to ask too much from all of you that have already helped so much...but if I don't ask, I'd never know.

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C4, I don't know how significant the shipping charge difference is, and I'm sure folks appreciate your honesty in the situation. But I'd guess that the majority of us would agree that you can just put any extra towards the fund.


Hi Yimey,


I appreciate what you say, and I do agree, however, I cannot personally make that choice. :)


However, I have been contacted by folks already, and the general consesus has been to put the money to the fund.

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I hadn't planned on taking any coins to the local Coin event (Callaway, Md on 18 Mar) as I only have 2---Md and this one. So, as they aren't all sold and this is not only a beautiful coin but a great reason to buy a coin, I will take my coin with me to share and encourage folks to buy. Can you tell I'm not a collector?



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I posted an update in the charities thread, but I wanted to post some info here as well.


I want to make sure everyone that has helped out gets a chance to see the good we have done.


I spent several hours at the office tonight balancing out the money for the sales of this coin. If anyone ever attempts something like this, make sure you set up a separate PayPal account for the donation fund. It was a nightmare trying to figure out what the different fees were.


Anyway, that being said, we have $1951.49 in the account that will be sent to the trust fund on Monday. This is after we covered the $4000.00 plus for the manufacturing of the coins, the tracking numbers, and the custom icon.


I did not include the funds that were sent or paid directly into the fund. Several people paid by check, and I forwarded those to the fund, and forgot to keep track of the amount sent ahead!


Also, several generous souls have taken coins to local events and sold them there. In all but one case, they sent their funds directly to the trust fund for me.


Among those were:




The Proffens





If I forgot anyone, please forgive me.


Also, I sent 30 coins to BackBrakeBilly for his event this weekend, so we'll see how he does! :huh:


Others have offered to take coins to their events, and I will get coins to you next week. We have just over 200 coins left, so if we sell them at events, we can avoid shipping and PayPal fees, so that will mean an additional $2K plus into the fund.


Thank you so much for all of your help.



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C4, I'm so sorry. I should have sent the money to the fund for you! I had been out of town 2 weekends in a a row, then we had people in the office, and I do have a checking account, but I ran out of checks about 6 or 7 months ago and never re-ordered. Again, I apologize! I just really wanted to get rid of the money as soon as possible.

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Hi all,


I got an email from Howling Wolf today in response to one I sent him asking about bikedog's family.


He said they are doing fine, but miss Jerry terribly. The are taking weekend horseback riding trips trying to keep busy and not dwell on things.


He thanked us all for our support, and the efforts to raise the money for Jerry's daughter Danielle.


I still have 125 or so of the coins left. I had hoped to get them to GW4, and figured we would easily sell out there, but it didn't work out.


It is too difficult to try and keep the funds separate with orders that trickle in, so if you want any more of these coins, please contact me. Next week, I will send the remainder to bikedog's family.


Thanks again for all of your help. Your efforts are appreciated.



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