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Palm M105 For Sale

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Palm M105 with Hot Sync. Cradle, Software, and Stylus.

The only thing missing is the flip cover. Which wouldn't matter if you decided to use a case.

I would like to get $20.00 for it including the shipping inside the continental U.S. (Thats pretty much what I have in it.)


I bought this off ebay a couple of weeks ago and it seems to work fine. The only reason I'm getting rid of it is that I made a mistake bidding and got three M105's at the same time. I was looking to buy two but I got an extra.


This seems to be a pretty good PDA for paperless caching. I've only just started so I have limited knowledge but I've installed cachemate on one of the others and it seems to work just fine.


If anyone is interested, you can contact me at




Scott Wentzky

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