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To All 2006 Tb Race Owners


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Hi all racers!


I am sitting here and watching how the race is unfolding, waiting with bated breath for the TB’s to make their way south.


Most cachers are aware that there is not a heck of a lot of activity in the EC, Wolkynou has been a breath of fresh air in what is otherwise a pretty stagnant area. Yet there are a good few “high scoring” caches around.


As one of the few other active cachers in the EC, I was wondering how you TB race owners would like your TBs to be placed:

1. Leave it up to the discretion of the individual cacher,

2. Request the cacher to target high scoring caches, at the risk of stranding the TB,

3. Request the cacher to target lower scoring, more frequently visited caches.


Option 2 is particularly risky, as the high scoring caches are quite a distance from major centra (funny that), and hence will be inconvenient to retrieve by the same cacher, in a worst case scenario, after the 2 week waiting period. One would almost think GlobalRat planned it such :D


Do you guys have any preference, for the strategy to be followed, by the cachers who handle your TBs?

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Well, I know some of the TB Owners are strategizing and getting involved in the TB’s destiny. And I guess some are leaving it up to fate. It’s all up to the TB Owner.


I’m very glad to see that non TB Owners have an active interest in the Race, and good on the EC contingent in getting the province going. After all this is one of the objectives of the race.


Back to the TB’s though, happy to report that a few are stretching their legs and heading beyond the borders of GP. I’m sure there will be an onslaught in the EC area shortly, two cachers are going to be very busy :cute:


Seems Noddy will have to rename Hearth & Light to the Banana Express :D

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Strategizing and getting involved.... NEVER!


Anyway, we have been tracking the TB's as they race across SA. Playing with the google maps API we have come up with a relatively pretty representation of what it happening to all of the bugs.


When we have time, we will update it, and you can see who is where and what they are up to.


Go to Google tracking to check it out.


Also at GlobalRat's 2006 TB Race Tracking you can see each of the bugs progress. These pages are not as pretty as GC.com’s but are cool for getting an overview of the race.

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Geeze QFC, very impressive links....


Makes me wish I was born clever instead of good looking :cute: , rich, witty, charming. It makes me wish I was clever.


Wolkynou, shall we try and set up an event in April (long weekends and such)?

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Back to strategising.


We will be travelling down the Garden Route as far as George and on to Calitzdorp over Easter. I can collect any race TB's around these areas and drop them in the PE pitstop. I know its short notice, but thought I'd post it anyway.


The same obviously applies to race TB that may find their way to the EC First event cache, to be held at the end of April.

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Hey batz


Dude will be there and I can tell you that he is being moved along. What happens on the map is that if a TB stops past a cache after another TB has been there, this new TB's log will take the place of the first TB. What we need to do is show all visits, or get DUDE to a unique location. If we see DUDE around again, we will try and do this.


Please remember that the official TB RACE 2006 web site is TB 2006, the maps are just a bit of fun.




On a side note, I have not been able to update the TB movements for the last while (gc.za.net was third on the bandwirdth usage list at work last month <_<), but I will hopefully be getting a connection at home soon so I will continue logging.

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Hey perdix, we've got a cache there right by the Southern Sun Hotel: GCWM58


Brill! I'm quite sure I can fit in that find! Now its up to race TB owners to get their TBs there or still to arrange to meet at the airport.


I've stayed at the hotel a number of times - hope the cache is not too well hidden or too many muggles - time will be of the essence on this trip!

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Perdix, it looks like one to team LOC (Loads of Cache) will be in PE this coming weekend. She has one of the racing TB's, but is sans a GPS (don’t ask) and knowledge of where How Green is my Valley is (still don’t ask). She will be contacting you some time this week to ask for help finding the cache and moving one the TB. Will keep you informed....

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She will be contacting you some time this week to ask for help finding the cache and moving one the TB.


Hey, you know me - anything can be arranged at a price! :laughing:


Seriously though, will be glad to help if I can. You've got ,my contact details.


Do I understand you correctly and that she be moving the bug again as well? Is that not against the rules?

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Should not be against the rules, but seems like her eye op may be cancelled. Will keep you informed.


Against the rules: You would have to help her find the cache not for the reasons of the race, but just because she needs help (no GPS with her). I see no problem with that. The fact the she drops off a racing bug at the same time will jsut be a bonus.

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