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Buffalo Wings (florida Trail) Geocoin Proof

Team Sand Dollar

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The picture of the proofs for the coin arrived early. They show an Antique Gold coin but I will be recieving a Shiny Gold coin. What they refer to as Antique Brass is what others call Bronze and is what I will be getting as the Bronze coin.


NOTE: Gold coins are SOLD OUT

NOTE: Gold coins will be a Shiny Gold NOT the Antique Gold as pictured.






There will be a total of 500 coins made. The coins will be 1.5” in size, GC.com Trackable with a PCxxxx number and its own icon. There will be 300 Bronze, 150 Gold, and 50 LE Antique Silver coins minted.


All of the gold coins availble for purchase have been allocated but I am keeping a wait list.


There are still bronze coins available.


I will not be sending out invoices until I have the coins in hand. I will also maintain the preorder price up until I recieve the coins.



$7.00 US for the Bronze

$7.50 US for the Gold (if available)



US --- $1.00 for the first coin, $0.50 for each additional coin

Canada --- $ 1.50 for the first coin, $0.50 for each additional coin

Other --- $2.00 for the first coin, $1.00 for each additional coin



To order the coins please email loranwilcox@chartermi.net with the following information.


Geo Name:

Full Name:

Full Mailing address:

Country (if other then USA):

Email Address:

PayPal Email Address:

Number and Type of Coin(s) wanted:



There will only be 50 Bronze and 50 Gold available for trade.


I am looking for coins that we do not already have. I am not looking for multiple metals of the same coin. Thats not to say that I will not except coins I already have but any coins that I recieve that are not needed in one of our collection will be subject to being traded or posibly sold.



The 50 Antique Silver coins are for personal use and special trades only.

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Presale commitment for the Buffalo Wings 2 (Florida Trail) coin will close Friday march 10th.


This will allow me time to take care of invoicing and shipping existing orders.


Team Sand Dollar


So is this about when I'll see an invoice for the coins I reserved?

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