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Companies That Make Mounts

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GPScity is a pretty good place to buy the RAM mount as they make it a little easier to figure out the components you need (this includes the specific GPS model cradle, a vehicle mount such as a suction cup or U-bolt, and a connector between the two).


RAM is the best quality and worth the price. However, in the past RAM mounts for Magellan GPS's have lacked the Magellan product's ability to secure the power cable such that you could slap the GPS into the mount and it would mate with the power cable without having to screw it in. With the explorist cable being such a PITA to attach, this is a huge feature IMO. Now it appears (I haven't bought one yet) that the 100-600 Explorist RAM cradles *do* have the ability to secure the cable in this desireable manner; as I look at the picture of the XL version I am not 100% sure (although this picture appears to indicate that it does).


I note that GPScity is saying the XL cradle is out of stock. Since the model is new, I'm guessing they haven't yet got it in production.

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FWIW....I have an eXplorist 500 and the RAM cradle. To hook the power/data cable up, you snap the connector into the back of the cradle and then, pop the eXplorist into the cradle. The contacts will then mate up just like it was screwed on. If you like the added security, you can then screw the connector to the eXplorist, but this isn't actually necessary.

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I used a combination RAM and Magellan setup. I like the fact with the Magellan, I can have the power auto-hook in when I snap the GPS into the cradle. The Magellan cradle is a handlebar style. I'm thinking about buying a cardle for the PDA and the cell phone now and make the pipe a little longer to accomodate it all.





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