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Geocaching Weekend To Xylokastro

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Xylokastro is a small, beautiful, picturesque town, situated in the North of Peloponnesus.

It's home of one of the most unique pine tree forests in Greece, the famous «Pefkias».


Take the opportunity to visit this town and combine it with a great geocaching hunt!

There are 11 caches to the wider area waiting for you!


Here are some helpful hints for making your visit one of your best weekends...

Reaching Xylokastro: Drive the National Road from Athens to Patra. At the 121th km, (N38° 04.364, E22° 37.265) turn right. Follow the signs to the center of the city. Have a stop to the central square of Agios Vlassis (N38° 04.707, E22° 37.978) for a coffee. Your geocaching weekend has began!


Drive your vechicle to the first cache, Pefkias #1 (GCTH4D) and park it to this area. Find the cache and walk towards to Pefkias #2 (GCRJ0M). Before you reach this cache, there is a friendly hotel with good prices to the right ( Hotel Miramare, N38° 04.406, E22° 38.564 ). You can check in and go to the second cache. (If you prefer something better and more ...expensive, check "Le Convivial"). Enjoying the pine woods, find the second cache and walk back to N38° 04.534, E22° 38.448 . It is about a nice restaurant-cafe ( Touristiko ) near the sea, in the woods. After lunch, walk back to your vechicle and drive to the hotel for taking a nap...

In the afternoon, add to your GPS the coordinates for "

Crystal Clear Water" (GCT4K4), "Who is that guy" (GCT4KK), "Agios Georgios" (GCTB3E) caches and of cource the "Soultanina Road" (GCT4JM).

Enjoy the sunset during your return to Xylokastro. Park your vechicle near the hotel and walk to uncover the beauties of this small town, without forget to visit "The Midnight Express cache".


There are many places you can enjoy a good dinner or a drink. But... If you like "paidakia", you MUST drive to tavern "Gogolas" for the best lamb chops you have ever eat!


*** This is an unofficial "food cache" <_< with coordinates: N38° 3.249, E22° 35.889


In the morning, after the healthy breakfast, two more caches are waiting for you: "Light house" (GCRJ1W) and "Panagia Korfiotissa - Spectacular view!" (GCRJ1J). Visit one of the most nice marinas in Greece and get ready to drive to the top!. Follow the coast road to Kamari and turn left at N38° 5.680, E22° 34.778. Stay on the road and drive carefully. Find the cache at the top and do not forget to visit the monastery. From that place the view is beautiful :P .


For more info for Xylokastro, you can visit the web sites: www.xylokastro.gr & www.xylokastro.com


Live web camera at: http://menoumellada.ert.gr/webcam/xilocastro.asp



You can download a map of the area by clicking here


It may helps too:

You can downlad my track file from Athens to Xylokastro (.trk)

for GPS Tuner Version 4.0 by clicking here


I hope you will visit my favorite town and have a nice weekend <_< ...

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