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Is 1400 Finds Worth A Well Done? I Think So!

Simply Paul

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Congratulations to Dallan72, aka Duncan, on finding his 1400th cache yesterday. He'd popped over to Ireland (his first trip there) just for the day to retreve 'All About The UK (Ireland)' TB, which had been stuck... I tell you what, read his log for yourself.


Based in Lancs, Duncan's been caching since April 2004 and I hope you'll join me in congratulation him on his speedy 1400 finds. He also has 15 hides to his name, and was kind enough to replace one of my cache boxes yesterday as the old one had been badgered - Well done that man!


<_< <_< :P:):P:):(:P:) :) :(:P:) :) x100

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Congratulations from NI. Hope you get the FTF on 'All About The UK'


Belated thanks for all the congratulations, and yes I got the FTF on "All About the UK" a week later and after yet another ferry ride!!! :D Quite an adventure this cache with visits to North Wales, Wiltshire, Caithness and Northern Ireland just to find the TBs.


Looking forward to my next visit to NI Mike, and hopefully a slightly longer stay.



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