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Waypoint Name To The 60csx (not The Code)

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I just got my 60CSx and have tried to keep up to date on all of the forum posts on the unit which is not an easy task I must say. I have managed to upload waypoints using the workaround posted on the GSAK forum by exporting files from GSAK and uploading them through the trip/waypoint manager. When I do that the waypoint names which get uploaded are the waypoint codes such as (GXCCC).


My question is using this or other workarounds its it possible to upload the cache name (or part of the name) instead of the waypoint code?

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I believe you can Export from GSAK using the Smart Name codes such as:


%smart=6 %con1%typ1 (%dif1 %ter1)


This gives you the beginning of the name, the Size of the Container, the Type of cache, and the Difficulty and Terrain based on a 10-point scale (2=1.5, 3=2, etc.).


I don't use the Trip and Waypoint manager, but I Export to my Mapsource maps and then send the waypoints from Mapsource to the GPSr.

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So I am not on my normal computer, but I think when you go to export you caches to mapsource you can specify the name with the gsak codes, I think the one you want is the smart name one. It might be like %smart but I am not for sure.


This might help you some



Oh i found it ;) here are the codes


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