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You asked...


Your avitar has a nice use of color. Your coin uses the Groundspeak colors which pretty much clash. I'd find a better color balance, keep your idea on the translucent, drop the grounspeak logo for something that represents you and make it more of your coin than an adaptation of the grounspeak corporate colors.


The lines that bend up are a simple design that stands out, they frame your subject. On the one side that subject is the 99, on the other it's the Logo...

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Just a couple thoughts on your design. First, if you're going to use translucent enamels over a "yellow" metal like brass, it's going to mess up your colors. Nickel/Silver might be more appropriate, but talk to your minter and get some samples of both. Second, you have a great sort of "rainbow" element going on, but the colors are clashing a bit because of the order. This might look better in reality, but I'd like to see blue-green-yellow-orange or it's reverse order. It should only support the general look overall. The last thought is that you might consider alternate fonts for the 99. The font is very "light" and might lack the impact of a heavier font. You wouldn't necessarily need to use a san serif just maybe a semibold or bold of your current font. Just thinking out loud so don't be discouraged. You have a strong design that's going to look great. - F&tH

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